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Founded and led by James Lee Witt, a renowned leader in addressing many of the largest and most complex disaster preparedness, response, and recovery challenges since 1993, AG Witt, LLC is an international emergency management consulting firm that traces its roots to 2001. After completing eight years as Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), James Lee Witt founded Witt Associates and began providing emergency management consulting services to eligible recipients and subrecipients. In 2015, James Lee founded Witt Global Partners and reorganized in 2019 to form AG Witt, LLC. The AG Witt team of professionals formerly served as senior leaders in positions with county, city, and federal government, national nonprofits, and trade associations.

AG Witt combines experience and innovation to create transformative solutions to complex problems. We partner with our customers in every discipline – national defense, cybersecurity, homeland security, public health and medical services, emergency management, first response, and critical communications – throughout the public, commercial, academic, and NGO sectors to build a better, safer, more resilient future.

AG Witt staff have experience building and directing programs with thousands of stakeholders, ensuring each deliverable supports overarching program goals. Our team has real-world knowledge and first-hand experience implementing lessons learned and best practices in a variety of emergency management program initiatives. We have completed best practices research for clients including FEMA, DHS, the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Transportation Research Board, the State of California, and local jurisdictions nationwide. We continually seek and analyze lessons learned and best practices across local, state, federal agencies, and the private sector. We incorporate them into deliverables to suit jurisdictional needs and improve resiliency capabilities.

The AG Witt team has decades of experience working closely with all levels of government, foreign governments, and institutes of higher education. We have worked with all 10 FEMA Regions and FEMA Headquarters. This breadth and depth of experience means that we know FEMA, its history, and its current approach to emergency management.

AG Witt has a unique ability to provide solutions to complex problems. We provide consulting services in the following areas:

  • Strategy
    • Policy guidance and development.
    • Executive training and operational support.
  • Mitigation
    • 44 CFR Compliant Hazard Mitigation Planning.
    • 404 Mitigation Projects.
  • Preparedness
    • Emergency preparedness practices including planning, training, and exercise.
    • Program assessments.
    • Hazard and threat assessments, including FEMA compliant Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA), and Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA).
    • Physical security assessments.
    • Utility assurance.
  • Response
    • Staff augmentation/EOC support.
    • Call center support.
    • Resource and logistics support.
  • Recovery
    • Financial Recovery.
    • 406 Public Assistance.
    • Grants Management.

Learn more about AG Witt, LLC at or contact us directly at 844-4AGWITT (424-9488).

AG Witt EMAP Trained Consultant: 

Matt Stanley, Director of Resilience,


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