Business Consultant Initiative

Emergency Management Programs at all levels of government and the private sector utilize consultants to develop plans, procedures, and capabilities. Emergency Management Programs frequently reach out to Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP) Staff for guidance regarding the management of consultants that have been awarded contracts. Some Emergency Management Programs have incorporated the Emergency Management Standard into request for proposals (RFP); however, many consultants do not have a strong enough background in the Emergency Management Standard to address the RFP’s requirements, thus affecting the Emergency Management Programs’ compliance.

Many consultants have specializations that they advertise to their customers. However, in order to understand how the Emergency Management Standard can apply to specific projects and/or plans, consultants need to have a holistic understanding of the Emergency Management Standard, the cascading nature of the standards, and the role of the Emergency Management Program.  This partnership, Business Consultant Initiative, is a partnership with the consulting firms to ensure that they are trained on the Emergency Management Standard and maintain current assessment guidance and resources.

EMAP has Subscribed Business Consulting Firms who partner with EMAP to ensure the services they provide to the public sector are addressing the EMAP Standards and process appropriately. If you are interested in becoming a subscribed Business Consulting Firm and attending EMAP Training, please contact Todd Livingston at

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