For Assessors

The value of accreditation depends, to a large degree, upon the work and credibility of the assessors who conduct on-site assessment of applicant programs and the committee members who make recommendations regarding accreditation status. To be meaningful, assessments must be conducted with maturity, objectivity, diplomacy and dedication. Assessors and committee members must project a demeanor of professionalism in conduct and appearance and must respect the confidential nature of the task. Contributing to successful service as an assessor are:  initiative, expertise, cooperative spirit, flexibility, analytic approach, and tact.

EMAP develops the assessment team cadre from a pool of the highly qualified emergency managers.  The accreditation function is assigned to assessors on a rotating basis. Assessors must have the minimum following qualifications and must complete the following to be eligible:

  • Three years of experience in an emergency management position;
  • Experience in at least one (1) actual emergency operations in which the emergency plan was implemented and participation in an activated emergency operations center- requiring implemental operational response procedures;
  • Participated in at least one (1) emergency operation, training or exercise event in the last calendar year;
  • Be knowledgeable and up-to-date about the principles of comprehensive emergency management;
  • Must abide by the EMAP’s Code of Conduct;
  • Must be available for at least one (1) assessment each calendar year;
  • Able to provide two (2) references regarding his or her qualifications from an emergency management division director or equivalent;
  • Have no conflict of interest as regards to any aspect of EMAP that might prevent objective review and assessment of an applicant program.
  • Must be able and willing to serve as a neutral observer; and
  • Satisfactory completion of the EMAP Training Course is required to serve as an assessor for the accreditation program.


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