Innovative Emergency Management

IEM is proud to be recognized as an EMAP Business Consultant. For nearly 40 years, our firm has supported our customers as they manage and respond to unprecedented events. IEM provides expertise, innovative strategies, and digital tools to prepare for and overcome disruptions, helping communities build back stronger. In this mission, IEM’s team of emergency management professionals assists customers with their EMAP accreditation to develop plans, procedures, and capabilities that align with the Emergency Management Standard as they seek EMAP compliance. As a part of the Business Consultant Initiative, IEM expresses its commitment to fostering excellence and accountability in emergency management programs through the accreditation process.

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IEM EMAP Trained Consultants: 

Libby Adkins, Project Manager,

Michael Bear, Senior Planner,

Lisa Tatum Brown, Project Manager,

Sigrid Carrero-Perez, Project Manager,

Cory Lynn Golden, Senior Planner,

Scott Greenfield, Project Manager,

Matt Jaksetic, Mid-Level Planner,

Amanda King, Project Manager,

Bruce Lockwood, Senior Advisory Emergency Management,

Fallon Lovill, Deputy Project Manager,

Michael Materia, Disaster Recovery Specialist II,

Rich Mortimer, Mid-Level Planner,

Angela Moreno, Disaster Response Specialist III,

Andi Ray, Disaster Recovery Specialist I,

Christopher Roderick, Planner,

Adam Roscoe, Disaster Recovery Specialist I,

Ari Schein, Senior Emergency Manager,

Lorin Schroeder, Consultant,

Tori Siears, Mid-Level Planner,

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