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USAR Training


Introducing the US&R Standard: The Need, Benefits, & Goals

View this webinar and learn about the development of the US&R Standard, its many stakeholders, and the need it addresses in the US&R community.

The webinar features three guests – Angee Morgan, the Deputy Director for the Kansas Division of Emergency Management, Steve Coffman, the President of the State Urban Search & Rescue Alliance, and Darryl Dragoo, Strategic Planner for the State of Illinois Emergency Management Agency.


US&R Standard Layout

Are you interested in the EMAP US&R Certification? Having difficulty figuring out what is required? This webinar will help you understand the US&R Certification Process and the content of the US&R Standard.


US&R Standard Plans

What plans does the US&R Standard require? What is the purpose of the plans? How do they help my US&R Resource activate, deploy, and demobilize? This webinar will address not only the plans addressed in the US&R Standard, but also their purpose and content.


Training Basics, Requirements & Challenges

Come and learn more about the basics, requirements, and challenges of the training elements of the US&R Standard.


Assessment Manager Corner

Are you getting stuck on a standard? Are you having a difficult time understanding how a standard could be applied to your US&R Task Force? Is the US&R Standard scalable? These are common issues that all Assessment Managers run into during the self-assessment phase.

This webinar features Assessment Managers are from a variety of sectors and can speak not only to the scalability, but also the application of the US&R Standard.


Model Practices & Troubleshooting Standards

The three task forces that went through the assessment process in 2016 identified a number of model practices for both the organization and application of the standard. The task forces also identified some challenging standards and how they can be overcome.


US&R Funding Opportunities

Are you concerned about funding sources for your US&R Task Force’s Certification? Come and learn about the funding sources that Florida Task Force 3 and Alabama Task Force 1 used to offset the costs of the certification process.

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