EMAP Staff

Nicole Ishmael Livingston
Executive Director
(859) 351-2350

Mrs. Livingston provides executive-level supervision and day-to-day management of EMAP, including: directing daily operations, including assessment and accreditation processes; overseeing preparations for and conduct of EMAP Commission and committee meetings in accordance with the needs of the organization and bylaws; managing the finances of EMAP including budget development, financial management and reporting; development/fund raising, and grants management; hiring, training, and supervising staff in accordance with reporting lines established by the EMAP Commission; and educating and working with stakeholder organizations and decision-makers on related issues and projects. Mrs. Livingston serves as the primary staff liaison to the EMAP Commission, Program Review Committee and Urban Search & Rescue Project.


Christine Y. Walsh
Assistant Director
(859) 494-0917

Mrs. Walsh coordinates special projects, including EMAP’s  pilot programs in the Private Sector, Tribal and International Arenas.  Mrs. Walsh is responsible for assisting with the identification, securing of support for, and implementation of special projects related to EMAP’s standards and accreditation/assessment activities with support of EMAP’s mission and strategic goals. Mrs. Walsh is the primary staff liaison to the EMAP Technical Committee and Standards Subcommittee focused on the development and improvements of the Emergency Management Standard, Urban Search and Rescue Standard along with the Private Sector Committee.


Terry Lightheart-Sadler
Assessment Coordinator
(859) 940-5378

Ms. Lightheart-Sadler is responsible for the assessment process for state and local programs including assigning assessment teams, working with Programs to complete the accreditation process and serving as the primary point of contact for all Applicant Programs.  Ms. Lightheart-Sadler serves as support for the committees associated with the assessment methodology and process..


Lexi Baird
Communicators Coordinator

Ms. Baird is responsible for the website, social media, and communications. She assists with the technical development of the training curriculum and coordination of training classes.


Todd Livingston
Training Coordinator
(859) 421-1253

Mr. Livingston is responsible for EMAP’s comprehensive training program including online training webinars and courses as well as EMAP’s Training Course.  Mr. Livingston manages Host Training Courses, Training and Standard Orientation Workshops, Plans Development Workshops, qualifications, and continuing education for both Assessors and Accreditation and Assessment Managers.  Mr. Livingston serves as the primary staff liaison for the Training Subcommittee and other appropriate committees.


Albon Yowell
Accreditation and Services Coordinator

Mr. Yowell serves as the primary point of contact for new programs interested in learning more about EMAP. He serves as a point of contact with Programs interested in subscribing to EMAP, estimates on the accreditation process, meeting coordination, survey development and statistical analysis.

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