Assessor’s Toolbox

This page is dedicated to housing all necessary tools for the Assessor Cadre.  Many of the key tools needed are available below.  If you need something in addition, please contact us and we will be happy to assist any member of the Assessor Cadre.

EMAP Assessor and Committee Member Code of Conduct. The value of accreditation depends, to a large degree, upon the work and credibility of the assessors who conduct on-site assessments of applicant programs and the committee members who make recommendations regarding accreditation status.  Following are guidelines to be acknowledged and followed by all EMAP assessors. Access the Code of Conduct at the following link: 

EMAP Travel Policy. Outlines EMAP’s travel policies and guidelines for assessors, commission members, and committee members.

Guidance on Assessor Findings.  A short PowerPoint on guidance on assessor findings and how to capture compliance and/or non-compliance. 

Assessor Evaluation SurveyAssessors should use this link to access the survey for the on-site assessment.   

Style GuideThis document outlines formatting and content requirements for assessor findings for both sets of standards. 

EMAP Draft Document Policy. This policy addresses both issues of draft documents and newly developed documents during the On-Site Assessment.

How To Utilize Google Docs During On-Site Assessments. EMAP has transitioned to Google Docs to manage findings during on-site and remote assessments. This webinar addresses the finding upload process, the use of Google Docs by EMAP Assessors, Assessment Team Leaders, and EMAP Staff Liaisons, and the finding review process that will be implemented in coordination with the Assessment Team Leaders, the EMAP Staff Liaisons, and Report Reviewers.

Finding Review Guide. A guide to help EMAP Assessors and Assessment Team Leaders develop and finalize comprehenisve findings. This guide is based on the 2019 Emergency Management Standard

Assessor Refresher Training. Assessors are required to complete Assessor Refresher Training on their Standard assignments in advance of an assessment. EMAP Staff Liaisons provide assessors with their Standard assignments several weeks in advance of an on-site assessment. Below are the Assessor Refresher Trainings based on the typical Standard assignments. After you click on the appropriate link, enroll in the course, and follow the prompts. EMAP will be notified once you have completed the Assessor Refresher Training and will follow up with a certificate.

Virtual Assessment Overview. EMAP has temporarily transitioned to virtual assessments in response to COVID-19. This webinar addresses the virtual assessment timeline, expectations, best practices, and lessons learned. 



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