Services for Programs

EMAP provides optional services to subscribed Programs to take advantage of while building their Program to the standards and/or assisting in succeeding accreditation.  This is a continuous effort of the EMAP Commission to provide quality services and resources to interested programs.  Obtaining a current subscription with EMAP is a requirement in order to sign up for the services.



The Pre-Assessment provides programs with an initial evaluation of their jurisdiction’s preparedness and response capabilities.  It will be based upon the program’s completed self-assessment, concentrating on those corrective actions needed for a jurisdiction to work through prior to undergoing an actual full EMAP on-site assessment.

The pre-assessment is designed as a means for a jurisdiction to have an additional layer of evaluation and review that will provide a more focused observation of the program’s primary functions.  The program may choose up to four standard areas to have assessed during the abbreviate assessment.

Paid Baseline Assessment

The Paid Baseline Assessment provides the program an opportunity to receive program analysis of where they standard against standard compliance with all EMAP standards. The baseline assessment provides a program with a peer-review verification of the self-assessment, which results in an assessment report.  The program may choose to use this report to gauge corrective actions and strategic planning or use the baseline assessment towards an accreditation effort.

Standard Orientation Workshop

The workshop is an opportunity for personnel along with internal and external stakeholders from the emergency management program to learn about EMAP standards and application of the standards within a program.  The workshop will give the Program the chance to ask specific questions of the EMAP Trainer/Facilitator pertaining to the successful completion of an assessment and/or accreditation effort.  The workshop is an opportunity to examine the Emergency Management Standard to assist in documenting compliance, how best to write proof of compliance rationales and assessor findings.  The workshop will take place over a two-day work period and result in a report outlining potential compliance documentation and application of the standard to the designated Program.  The fee associated with the workshop is $2,750 and estimated travel costs for an EMAP Trainer and Facilitator to participate.  These costs will be estimated for the Program and any difference would be reimbursed back to the Program.  

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