Technical Committee

The Technical Committee is responsible for developing new or revised language for the standards and the process, reviews, appeals, interpretations, compliance enforcement, on-site assessment materials, training, self-assessment guidance and other training and education activities.

The EMAP Technical Committee consists of members from 3 Interest Categories:

1.  Public Representative: An individual that serves within a public or government emergency management or public safety program.

2.  Private Representative: An individual or entity that serves within a privately owned business, directly related to or in the service of the emergency management or public safety field.

3. General Interest: The category of General Interest is comprised of members who may use EMAP policy, direction, and standards in further application of prevention and protection measures for specific populations and/or specific critical functions.

Members include:

  • Douglas Cooper, Alabama Task Force 1 (Category 3)
  • Darryl Dragoo, MPR2, Vice-Chair (Category 2)
  • Anthony Dimas, McKinley County Emergency Management (Category 1)
  • Jeremy Hynds, City of Henderson, Nevada (Category 1)
  • Pam L’Heureux, FEMA Consultant (Category 2)
  • Tammy Little, Privately Owned Business Representative (Category 2)
  • Michael (Todd) Livingston, City of St. Petersburg Fire-Rescue (Category 1)
  • Frank Randon, USACE Headquarters (Category 3)
  • Sue Reinertson, Amtrak Emergency Management & Corporate Security (Category 2)
  • Robie Robinson, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (Category 3)
  • Peter Rzeszotarski, CDC (Category 3)

Alternate Members include:

  • Michael Atherall, City of Henderson, (Category 1)
  • Sherry Crush, City of Mobile Fire Rescue (Category 1)
  • Douglas Cooper, State Urban Search and Rescue Representative (Category 3)
  • Nancy Freeman, Consultant (Category 2)
  • Steve Diaz, USACE (Category 3)
  • Jim Metzger, Amtrak Emergency Management & Corporate Security (Category 2)
  • Edward Rouse, CDC (Category 3)
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