Who are the assessors?

EMAP’s assessors come from a varied backgrounds.  All EMAP assessors must have the minimum following qualifications to be eligible:

  • Five years of experience in an emergency management position;
  • Experience in at least (1) actual emergency operation in which the emergency plan was implemented and participation in an activated emergency operations center requiring implemental operational response procedures;
  • Participated in at least one (1) emergency operation, training or exercise event in the last calendar year;
  • Be knowledgeable and up-to-date about the principles of comprehensive emergency management;
  • Must abide by the EMAP’s Code of Conduct;
  • Must be available for at least one (1) assessment each year calendar year;
  • Able to provide two (2) references regarding his or her qualifications from an emergency management division director or equivalent;
  • Have no conflict of interest as regards to any aspect of EMAP that might prevent objective review and assessment of an applicant program.
  • Must be able and willing to serve as a neutral observer; and
  • Satisfactory completion of the EMAP Training Course is required to serve as an assessor for the accreditation program
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