EMAP Accredited States Achieve Higher Scores in FEMA State Preparedness Report

Recent analysis of the SPR results exposed imperative ties of higher scores in the core capabilities for the EMAP Accredited States. An assessment of the SPR and EMAP Accreditation proves that accreditation has a positive impact on emergency management programs. With a ranking system from 1-5, where 5 is the highest, States that have earned EMAP accreditation are broadly rated as being more prepared across all of the thirty-one core capabilities.

Collectively, the EMAP Accredited States report the following:

  • 45% report an internal assessment rating of a confident high of 4’s or 5’s on the SPR 5-point assessment scale in strength and capability in planning, organization, equipment, training and exercises (POETE).
  • They have all or most of the resources needed and have accomplished all or most activities for the core capabilities.
  • They consistently exhibit higher ratings relative to their threats and hazards identification and risk assessment (THIRA) targets since the introduction of the SPR in 2012.

The chart below provides a snapshot of the 2014 SPR results grouped by all core capabilities, mission areas, and those core capabilities that align with the Emergency Management Standard provides data of higher ranks between EMAP Accredited Programs and those that are not accredited.

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