Emergency Management Accreditation Program Announces New Management Company

(Falls Church, Va.) – Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP) recently retained Association and Society Management International, Inc. (ASMI), an association management company that provides support and guidance to non-profit organizations. It serves other associations in the emergency management industry. EMAP is an independent non-profit that reviews emergency management and homeland security programs. “EMAP has found a seasoned management company in ASMI,” stated EMAP Commissioner Robie Robinson, JD. “This relationship will increase EMAP’s capacity to ensure communities’ safety by establishing standards for emergency management programs. ASMI’s expertise managing non-profits will complement EMAP’s emergency management knowledge to increase efficiency and effectiveness to further EMAP’s mission.”

EMAP revolutionizes emergency management programs that coordinate preparedness and response activities for disasters based on 64 standards. EMAP recognizes the ability of emergency management programs to bring together personnel, resources and communications from a variety of agencies and organizations in preparation for and in response to an emergency, in addition to obtaining the ability to measure those capabilities. The Emergency Management Standard is flexible in design so that Programs of differing sizes, populations, risks and resources can use it as a blueprint for improvement and can attain compliance with those standards in an accreditation process. The process evaluates emergency management programs on compliance with requirements in areas, including: planning; resource management; training; exercises, evaluations, and corrective actions; communications and warning; and administration. EMAP is the only accreditation process for emergency management programs.

Commissioner Robinson noted ASMI’s ongoing performance on grant administration and communications. “ASMI will help EMAP connect with government agencies, emergency management programs, and industry leaders,” said Robinson.

ASMI was founded in 1982 and is accredited under ANSI/AMCI standards by the Association Management Company Institute. ASMI owner and chairman, Harry W. Buzzerd Jr., CAE, has managed associations since 1964. He has served
on many association management boards and committees. ASMI’s reputation and leadership are known throughout the non-profit organization management industry.

“ASMI has a history of long term relationships with its clients and is looking forward to an enduring, mutually beneficial affiliation with EMAP,” said Buzzerd. “An excellent management company is key for any non-profit to promote its cause and achieve its goals. ASMI has extensive experience with emergency management and certification and accreditation processes. EMAP will have the resources to flourish with ASMI through a talented staff for administration and guidance.”

“Emergency management programs, such as those that EMAP accredits, are vital for public safety. ASMI is committed to assist EMAP with this crucial mission,” emphasized Buzzerd.

For more information about EMAP see https://www.emap.org/
For more information about ASMI see http://www.asmii.com/

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