EM Program’s Toolbox

Many of the key tools need by emergency management programs interested in seeking accreditation are available below.  If you need something that you do not see listed, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Emergency Management Standard, 2019. The current version of the EMAP standards to which program’s accredit. Downloaded as a PDF document.

Applicant Guide to AccreditationThis document describes in detail, the accreditation process.  The Guide is intended for programs that wish to go through the assessment and accreditation process.  Downloaded as a PDF document.

Gap Analysis Spreadsheet. This document provides Subscribed Programs with a mechanism for conducting a thorough gap analysis of their documentation. Once complete, EMAP recommends that Subscribed Programs build a plan of action and a timeline for addressing the identified gaps through the Corrective Action Plan function in the EMAP Program Assessment Tool.

Compliance Planning Help Document.This Excel document will assist Programs with tracking the individuals responsible and the milestones in converting non-compliant standards into compliant standards.

Corrective Action Planning Help DocumentThis Excel document helps the Program walk through the steps of how they are going to make a non-compliant standard into a compliant standard.

Program Information Collection Tool.This Excel document assists Programs in assigning the contact information from various areas of the standard.

Applicant Program Evaluation Form. Programs use this form to evaluate the assessment process.  It should be completed and returned to EMAP personnel following the on-site assessment.

Pre-Assessment Application Form. This document is submitted by the Applicant Program once the Program determines it would like to participate in an optional pre-assessment.

Application for AssessmentThis document is submitted by the Applicant Program once they have determined their willingness to participate in the EMAP Process. This application is usually accompanied with the application fee.

Program Request for On-Site Assessment & Logistics Worksheet. This document is filled out by the Applicant Program at least six (6) months before the Program intends to conduct its On-Site Assessment. 

EMAP Continuity of Operations Planning Standards MatrixThis matrix provides a guide for EMAP Standards 4.4.2 and 4.4.5 to assist Programs with continuity of operations planning.

EMAP Draft Document Policy. This policy addresses both issues of draft documents and newly developed documents during the On-Site Assessment.

EMAP Annual Report. Accredited Programs are strongly encouraged to complete Annual Reports annually. The Annual Reports have been divided over the course of four (4) years. Your Program should complete the Annual Report that pertains to your Accreditation year. To learn more about the Annual Report, please view the Annual Reports Webinar. When you access the Annual Reports below, you will be taken to a system called Thinkific. You will need to create an account in Thinkific if you have not previously utilized it.

Year 1 Annual Report

Year 2 Annual Report

Year 3 Annual Report

Year 4 Annual Report

2019 EMAP Assessment Analysis ReportAn in-depth look at programs which went through the EMAP assessment process in 2019

Senior Leadership & Elected Officials Guide & Presentation.Senior leadership and elected officials often have a lot of questions about the EMAP Accreditation Process. This guide and accompanying presentation seek to provide senior leadership and elected officials with high-level information about the EMAP Accreditation. The presentation may be customized by Programs to address any additional concerns that senior leadership and elected officials may have regarding the EMAP Accreditation Process.

EMAP Program Assessment Tool Overview. The EMAP Program Assessment Tool is used by Applicant Programs, Assessment Team Leaders, and Assessors throughout the EMAP Accreditation Process. The EMAP Program Assessment Tool can assist Applicant Programs throughout the EMAP Accreditation Process. You can utilize the EMAP Program Assessment Tool to conduct a gap analysis of your Program, download compliance reports, and upload your self-assessment, supplemental, and conditional proofs of compliance.

Virtual Assessment Overview. EMAP has temporarily transitioned to virtual assessments in response to COVID-19. This webinar addresses the virtual assessment timeline, expectations, best practices, and lessons learned.

EMAP Accredited Programs Letters. If you are an accredited Program, we want to hear from you. Please read the attached letter regarding benefits and return on investment. We look forward to receiving your feedback on how the standard and accreditation process has helped to better your Program.

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